Fisheries Experience in Other Regions


Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Review of the Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Individual Transferable Quota Program. Principal Investigator on a comprehensive review of the first Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ)/catch share program implemented in a federally managed fishery in the United States. The review followed the National Marine Fisheries Service 2017 guidance for conducting review of catch share programs. Project completed May 2019.

National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Miami FL. Toward a Demographic/Socioeconomic Survey of Crew Members in the Federal Fisheries of the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, Phase 1. Project director on the first phase of a survey of crew members in the federally managed commercial fisheries in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regions. Phase 1 involved undertaking quantitative assessments of the regional fleets, identification of a crew contact strategy, conduct of rapid field assessments, and development of a draft survey implementation plan. Project Phase 1 completed October 2018.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, West Coast Groundfish Trawl Rationalization Program and Northeast Groundfish Sector Management Program Social Impact Assessment. Project director for the social impact assessment component of an independent catch share review assessment of two different groundfish fishery management programs. Work included being responsible for applying social data from external programs to the relevant indicators, data collection and analysis of information for social indicators for use in program evaluation, and a limited rapid field data collection. Project products available at Project completed 2018.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries, Marine Outreach and Education US Virgin Island-Style Initiative, Outreach, and Education Plan, St. Thomas and St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Technical advisor assisting with researching existing communication strategies occurring within the USVI with regard to fishery management information, as well as formulating an outreach and education plan that implements improved outreach and education strategies based on focus group feedback, key person interviews, a literature review, and gap analysis.

Caribbean Fishery Management Council, Proposed Marine Conservation District Rapid Socioeconomic Evaluation, St. John, Virgin Islands. PI/lead author for the rapid socioeconomic evaluation of the proposed district. Identified and described existing user groups of the proposed district area and characterized use types (such as commercial fishing, charter sport fishing, and commercial diving operations), including variation by geographic base, ethnicity, vessel class/type, gear types, and other socioeconomic and distributional factors. Additionally, provided a general-level social impact assessment, discussing preliminary findings regarding differential distribution of potential impacts along several dimensions. Project completed February 1997.

Island Resources Foundation, Anegada Sea Turtle Recovery, Anegada, British Virgin Islands. Responsible for the community assessment component of the project. Conducted field research to determine existing resource utilization pattern and recommended management plans for endangered sea turtle. Project examined traditional and customary use patterns and potential interactions with coastal development projects.

National Park Service, Biscayne National Park Fishery Management Plan, Miami, Florida. Provided socioeconomic analysis to the NPS for the development of the fishery management plan and associated environmental impact statement. Involved follow-up fieldwork among fishermen and associated support service entities.

Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, Gulf of Mexico Blue Crab Fishermen Study, Various Locations, Louisiana. Quality assurance reviewer and fisheries technical expert for the social and cultural profile of blue crab fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico.

National Marine Fisheries Service, Pelagic Fisheries of the Western Pacific Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, Pago Pago, American Samoa. Project involved analysis of displacement of pelagic fisheries effort from Hawaii to US flag territories as a result of endangered species issues. Conducted fieldwork in American Samoa to examine impacts of industrial fleet on small-scale localized traditional fisheries.

National Marine Fisheries Service, Pelagic Fisheries of the Western Pacific Environmental Impact Statement, Various Locations, Hawaii. Principal investigator of the social impact component of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the fishery management plan revisions. Primary issues involved endangered species interaction conflicts with commercial fishery in Hawaii, with second tier issues in American Samoa, Guam, and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Conducted fieldwork in Hawaii.

Pacific Fishery Management Council, West Coast Limited Entry Trawl Fishery - Individual Fishing Quota and Permit Stacking Analysis. Provided technical oversight for community impact assessment of proposed changes in management approach of the federal groundfish fisheries off the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington.

City of Morro Bay and City of Monterey, Fishing Community Sustainability Plan, Morro Bay and Monterey, California. Technical advisor providing peer review and strategic planning associated with the assessment of social impacts for two fishing community sustainability plans. Both plans identified, assessed, and analyzed key performance measures for community fisheries and provided suggestions for the sustained participation of the community in regional fisheries.

California State Lands Commission, Coastal Commercial and Recreational Fisheries Impacts, Various Locations, California. Performed a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)-compliant review of two mitigated negative declarations and an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the installation of fiber optic cable networks from the Pacific Rim to the California coast. Social science focus was on the potential impacts cable installation would have on commercial and recreational fishing off the California coast. Involved performing third party, detailed analysis for each of these three projects along the central coast. Addressed fisheries’ specific issues as well as associated communities’ indirect impacts.

San Diego Association of Governments, Regional Beach Sand Project II, Phase 2, Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement, San Diego County, California. Social scientist for an EIR/EIS analyzing the potential impacts resulting from a second phase of beach replenishment in San Diego County. In addition to analyzing possible impacts to demographics, housing, and the economy, the report also included a comprehensive analysis of possible impacts to the commercial fishery in San Diego County as a result of beach replenishing.

San Diego Association of Governments, San Diego Regional Beach Sand Project Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment and Permitting, San Diego County, California. Provided socioeconomic analysis of potential impacts to commercial fishing in the project area, utilizing secondary data as well as information developed through interviews.

US Army Corps of Engineers, San Diego Bay Environmental Impact Statement, San Diego, California. Responsible for preparation of EIS to dredge the central channel portion of San Diego Bay. The project included detailed analysis of potential impacts to commercial and recreational fisheries.

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Subsistence Resource Utilization Impacts Study, Various Locations, Alaska. Social scientist, field researcher, analyst, and writer on the study of subsistence resource utilization impacts of the refuge. The project included description of affected environment, environmental impact statement, and Alaska National Interests Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) 810 evaluation.

Lake and Peninsula Boroughs, 1997-1998 Bristol Bay Salmon Fishery Disaster - Northern Economics, Economic, and Social Impact Assessment, Lake and Peninsula Boroughs, Alaska. Responsible for analysis of social impacts to communities in the Lake and Peninsula, and Bristol Bay Borough regions. Conducted interviews with fishers, governmental officials, and private business owners in seven communities. Project completed June 1999.

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